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You and Your Workplace

Injuries associated with office work or heavy labor usually occur because of poor posture, body mechanics, bending and lifting techniques and repetitive strain over time. At work, we simply do too much of one thing or a combination of things that eventually overload our system, resulting in injury. Such repetitive strains combined with stress and poor nutritional choices are the bulk of why we suffer at work. The good news: this is all easy to fix!

At Bodywise a large percentage of our clientele consists of people working in office or manufacturing environments who suffer from ailments such as:

We have developed an "in clinic" program that specifically addresses these needs so that you can return to work pain free with an understanding of how to avoid re-injury. Our treatment, geared toward our corporate clientele, includes:

It is vital that you are able to perform your job pain free and that you have the skills to manage your stress levels at work. All of this is possible with directed physical therapy that will: